About Us

Since it was founded in 2017 Bogota Lottery is committed to realizing social programs and nature conservation which is the main target in allocating corporate profits. Funds disbursed for humanitarian and nature conservation programs which are disbursed annually reach an average of £ 3,000,000 and continue to increase every year.

Humanitarian programs that are routinely carried out include: financial assistance to poor families, achievement scholarships, free education, donations to orphanages & nursing homes, a free 3 meals program for homeless people, training for people with disabilities, health subsidies for the elderly and others.

Bogota Lottery also contributes to nature conservation which always supports education programs using reuseable & recycleable materials, contributes to no-plastic campaigns, 10 million tree planting programs, "Clear Sea, Clear Port" programs and other nature conservation programs.

Every year we always meet new challenges and difficulties in running our programs, which of course are non-profit programs but every purchase of the Bogota Lottery lottery ticket by you is a support to us so that these programs can continue.